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Specializing in Residential and Commercial Lead Abatement!

We also provide Painting, Roof Replacement, Vinyl Siding, Window Replacement, Masonry, and now Home Solar Solutions!

Lead Abatement & Mold Remediation

 We specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial lead & mold removal. We are certified to safely remove lead and mold from homes, and businesses. Safety is our top priority.

Window & Siding Replacement

All of our vinyl siding and windows are professionally installed so you can start taking advantage of all the benefits of your new windows right away. Save on energy costs by installing new windows and doors. 


Abatement Masters Demolition Services handles a full range of exterior demolition services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings throughout Connecticut.

Roof Replacement

Abatement Masters is an insured installer of asphalt shingle roofing products. 

Interior & Exterior Painting

We provide professional interior and exterior painting services. We can give you an estimate online.

Home Solar Solutions

Want to get your electric bill to zero?  We can help with the best home solar system available. 

Our Combined Experience –

Improving Structures For Over 40 Years

Client Testimonials

 “Great to work with, made everything go smoothly.”




Abatement Masters stays on top of the latest research and developments in the environmental remediation industry.



Abatement Masters is fully licensed and insured, with more than 40 cumulative years of experience under our belts.



Our clients include the United States Department of Housing and Development (HUD), the City of Waterbury CT, the Waterbury Public School System.

Why Abatement Masters?

We understand the dangers you are facing and know how to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Our experienced team is trained and licensed in the most trusted clean-up techniques and ready to go to work for you. Whether it be environmental issues with Asbestos Removal, Lead Paint Disposal, Mold Remediation, Historical Restoration, and Demolition.

While offering plenty of positive attributes, older buildings, on occasion can possess hidden dangers. Older buildings offer charm and character but also may contain lead paint or asbestos; both are highly dangerous.

Some newer buildings were built to meet strict energy codes. The structures were built so tight they cannot breathe. Poor ventilation increases the risk of moisture build-up and the possible presence of mold.

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