Abatement Masters is a fast-growing, Connecticut based company that is continually recruiting to meet our clients’ needs.   We’re always looking for neat, clean, personable, and service-oriented individuals to join our team. 

As part of our team, you will be working in a fast-paced environment that has high standards.   We offer a path to training and certifications as well as great career opportunities for growth with us.

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Lead Abatement Supervisors

Provides checklist, work orders and corrective actions to the appropriate department personnel, including timely follow up for abatement items. A minimum of 2 years of experience in a supervisory…

Lead Abatement Technician

A Lead Abatement Technician will safely remove any lead from a property, building or area. Lead is generally found within older styles of paint. The skill set required for a Lead Abatement Technician include: Capacity to follow instructions from a supervisor and correspond with a supervisor.

Demolition Laborer

Demolition Laborer engages in the dismantling, razing, destroying or wrecking of any building or structure or any part thereof. 

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Abatement Maters CT
Abatement Maters CT